About Us

Dr. John Folmar, AuD

The owner of Peninsula Hearing Services, I am a graduate of Northwestern University and earned a Doctor of Audiology (AuD) from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.  I entered the field 23-years ago.    My father, who was an Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT) surgeon in Southern California, introduced me to the profession.  My primary focus of interest has been hearing evaluations, hearing aids and tinnitus treatments. 

Prior to opening a private practice in 2013 in Burlingame, I worked as a researcher for a new and innovative hearing aid manufacturer in the Silicon Valley area where I learned the in’s-and-out’s” of hearing aids.  Additionally, many of the patients enrolled in clinical trials related the  challenging “journey” consumers experience researching the best hearing aid for themselves among the dizzying number of advertisements on television, in print media and on the internet.


I regularly test and review new hearing aids released to the market.  Because of my background fitting all the major hearing aid brands, I am experienced with which brands and models work best for patients based on their unique hearing loss and needs.

My office performs hearing evaluations for many patient populations. Please read the “hearing test” tab of this website to learn more about what tests are performed for a comprehensive hearing exam.

For those struggling with tinnitus, my office provides tinnitus evaluations (ringing in the ears).  A clinically proven tinnitus treatment named  Neuromonics is available for those who have not found help from tinnitus with previous treatments.   This non-invasive solution elicits a neural sound stimulus, programmed to a patient’s tinnitus profile, that targets the brain’s auditory pathways through an iOS-enabled device such as an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

Please feel free to explore this site – you’ll find information about hearing testing, hearing aids and tinnitus treatments.  If you have any questions specific to you or your family, please give me a call at (650) 373-2081 or send an email using the “contact” tab of this website . I look forward to speaking with you!